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Buy to Let Weakness Affecting Total Mortgage Lending

24 May 2017

February’s total gross mortgage lending was recorded at 8% less than January 2017 at £18.2 billion which has seen a £100,000 increase year on year. The Council of Mortgage lenders suggest that the current lending weakness across the UK will continue courtesy of first time buyers and existing owners remortgaging adding to the total while […]

Buy to Let Weakness Affecting Total Mortgage Lending

Tenants Carrying Out Work to be a Benefit to Landlords

20 April 2017

Within the private rental sector, tenants appear to be increasingly keen to carry out personalisation/improvement work to their rented properties according to latest reports. The research suggests that landlords should be more open to the concept of tenants requesting to make improvements to their rented property and that the owners will be the ones to […]

Tenants Carrying Out Work to be a Benefit to Landlords

Manchester Overtakes London for Property Growth

14 March 2017

As far as the UK’s key cities are concerned, property prices grew by 6.4% in the year to February 2017. This may be down by 7.8% across the country but the average is being hampered by a major slowdown in London’s growth figures. With the capital seeing a decline in property growth; the leading UK […]

Manchester Overtakes London for Property Growth

East of London prospers Thanks to Wealthy Buyers

24 February 2017

Central areas of London have experienced a cooling period in terms of buyers in recent weeks as the wealthier property investors look progressively more towards the East of the city. A number of areas in Central London have seen sales and prices tumble where boroughs, such as Dagenham and Havering and Barking, are prospering according […]

East of London prospers Thanks to Wealthy Buyers

Latest developments in the London Property Market

02 December 2016

Update on the London Property Market. Despite predictions that London would see a sharp drop in property prices after the Brexit vote in the EU Referendum, large parts of the London property market remain boyant, with prices for small homes, starter homes and family homes remaining on an upward trajectory. Indeed, London remains the epicentre […]

As the Wealth Gap Widens, the Buy to Let Market Grows.

14 November 2016

Why is it a problem if the buy to let market grows? Despite efforts by the UK Government to help first time buyers get on the property ladder the buy to let market grows and thrives. People with extra disposable income often see property as a safer investment than private pensions, stocks and shares, gold […]

Ideal Debt Solutions When You Need to Restructure Your Finances

03 November 2016

What ideal debt solutions are available? Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as ideal debt solutions when you’re in financial difficulty. When you’re struggling to pay your bills, the stress and number of bills coming through the door can be overwhelming. If you’re concerned about debt and looking for ideal debt solutions, you can […]

What counts as luxury homes in the UK?

26 October 2016

The United Kingdom has become a primarily home-owning nation over the latter half of the 20th Century. But what counts as luxury homes in the UK as many families choosing to buy their own home rather than rent from private or public sector landlords. In the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher’s ‘right to buy’ policy saw many […]

Make Sure You Avoid Repossession

19 October 2016

Repossession is a word that often crops up in the face of economic downturns or recessions and as economic indicators point to the first signs of a post-Brexit storm, making sure you avoid repossession is important to homeowners. If you are a homeowner with a mortgage, are you sure that you can avoid repossession? Understand […]

What happens with the sale of repossessed houses?

04 October 2016

Will my home be repossessed? Banks and building societies do not like to repossess homes but they will do so if you fall into mortgage arrears and cannot catch up on your mortgage payments. Repossession means that the mortgage lender takes ownership of your property, meaning that people that lose their homes to repossession receive […]

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