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Your Choices When You Sell A House Quick

If you need to sell a house quick, there are still options for you to choose from and choices that you need to make. Sell My House Fast For Cash have years of experience in helping people to sell a house quick and secure their accommodation.

Sell A House Quick And Move Or Rent Back

If you need Sell My House Fast For Cash to provide you with a cash payment for your property but don’t want to move out, you can do just that with our sell and rent back sister division, Rent Back Experts*.

Rent Back Experts is an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approved scheme and allows you to stay in your home once you’ve sold it and received a cash payment. The process still allows you to sell a house quick and get back control of your finances.

Benefits Of A Sell And Rent Back Opportunity Include:

  1. Immediate cash lump sum to spend your way
  2. Debt clearance and full control of your finances
  3. No need to move, downsize or explain your situation to friends and family
  4. No need to spend time and money on house hunting or moving costs
  5. No need to relocate, leaving neighbours, local schools and facilities.

Sale And Rent Back (FCA SCHEME) Option

The ‘For Sale and Rent Back’ option allows you to sell a home quick and remain as a tenant once it is sold. We offer free valuation and legal fees and our Rent Back Experts division. This means you can sell and rent back your home in this Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved way. We will move fast so you can clear your debts without needing to move.

Sell A House Quick And Move Locally

If you consider the sale and rent back option, we will provide you with two offers, one for a sale and rent back option, and the other offer for the value to sell a house quick and move to a new home.

Our Home Buying Team can answer your questions and help you decide if it’s the right scheme for you. You might decide on an option to sell a house quick and move locally or move to a new area. As part of our service, we will put our Relocations Team at your disposal, meaning that whilst you sell a house quick, we work with you to arrange a new home and can help with removals, storage and relocation plans.

We have also found that many of our sale and rent back customers have chosen to move within a short time after deciding to sell a house quick. The freedom found from removing home ownership ties and new financial stability often means people choose to move and start afresh in a new home.

Time Your Completion And Cash Advances When You Sell A House Quick

Sell My House Fast For Cash will work with you to ensure that you’re ready to move upon completion if that is what you want to do. We’ll even delay completion dates to ensure you’re ready to move and we can advance cash between exchange and completion to make sure that you’re able to pay bills and cover removal costs. If you need to sell a house quick, we’ll make sure nothing stands in your way.

Explore the best option for you to take and sell your home fast now. Call us on 0800 1313 999 or email

*Rent Back Experts is a trading style of Property Rescue Limited. Property Rescue Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the conduct of Sale and Rent Back business. Our firm’s reference number is 522471.  Not all types of property purchase activity is regulated, please ask us for details.

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